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Federal Advocates, Inc. is one of Washington D.C.’s most accomplished government relations firms. Federal Advocates offers a unique team of experts to help public and private sector clients successfully navigate the ever-shifting political landscape of Capitol Hill, the White House, and the Federal Bureaucracy. Without a team of experts on your side, successful advocacy is difficult – but our team of experienced government professionals has been immersed in the public policy and political processes their entire careers. Collectively, we have secured billions of dollars for clients in authorized, appropriated and grant-funded projects. Coupled with this are numerous successes on the policy side, many of which broke new ground in the legislative and regulatory processes. Our guidance will help you understand and navigate the complex federal processes while strategically positioning you to be ready to fight the next battle or capitalize on the next opportunity.


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Federal Advocates’ diverse team of government relations professionals have extensive experience working on several policy areas including but not limited to the issues listed below. We pride ourselves in developing innovative strategic approaches and policy solutions to any problem using our team’s experience across the political spectrum.

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Tax & Trade




and Infrastructure



Health Care

Economic Development


Revenue Opportunities

Highly Regulated Consumer Goods

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Our government relations services envelope all relevant issue areas: infrastructure, energy and the environment, healthcare, law enforcement, education, technology, gaming, and more.

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Another Crowley aide heads to K Street

By: Theodoric MeyerANOTHER CROWLEY AIDE HEADS TO K STREET: The S-3 Group has hired Kevin Casey, the former policy director for former Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.). Casey expects to register as a lobbyist. He’ll be the third Democratic lobbyist at S-3, a previously...

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Sanctuary Cities Lobby Up

By: Theodoric Meyer FEDERAL ADVOCATES TO LOBBY FOR SANCTUARY CITIES: The lobbying firm Federal Advocates is helping to organize a new group of sanctuary cities that will fight to protect their federal funding in President Donald Trump’s Washington. Michael Esposito,...

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