Policy Areas

Federal Advocates’ diverse team of government relations professionals have extensive experience working on several policy areas including but not limited to the issues listed below. We pride ourselves in developing innovative strategic approaches and policy solutions to any problem using our team’s experience across the political spectrum.

Defense and Intelligence

  • Project Development with DOD
  • Project Authorization in the National
  • Defense Authorization Act
  • Project Funding in Defense Appropriations
  • Procurement support including establishing requirements and support for bid protest
  • Policy directives for all branches of military

Examples of projects represented:

  • Technology Providers 
  • Maintenance Contractors 
  • Manufacturers 
  • Research Institutions

Homeland Security

  • The Firm works regularly with the Office of the Secretary and the operating components of the Department, including:

  • Science & Technology Directorate

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection

  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • Transportation Security Administration

  • Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

  • Agency approval and training on proper handling of new technology

Examples of projects represented:

  • Technology Providers 
  • Multinational Corporations  


  • Appropriations and authorization legislation
  • Increase access to financial services
  • 280E Reform
  • Federal research opportunities
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Medical access
  • Veterans access

Examples of projects represented:

  • Industry associations
  • Cultivators
  • Retailers


  • Address various aspects of the EB-5 visa investment program
  • Protect Sanctuary Cities against retribution from federal agencies

Examples of projects represented:

  • Investment groups 
  • Economic Development projects

Highly Regulated Consumer Goods and Services

  • Protect state and local regulatory systems
  • Protect industry access to financial markets and financial systems
  • Promote awareness of consumer health and market data among federal regulators
  • Promote awareness of responsible use and consumer support programs

Examples of projects represented:

  • Industry Associations
  • Manufacturers
  • Service Providers 


    Revenue Opportunities

    • Identify and build political support behind federal grant applications
    • Secure government procurement opportunities

    Examples of projects represented:

    • State and Local Governments 
    • Private Service Providers 
    • Developers 

    Tax and Trade

    • Excised industries and services
    • Tax advantaged financial instruments
    • Industry specific tax credits
    • Tariffs, legislative exclusions in Miscellaneous Tariff bill
    • Tariffs, preparation and submission of exclusion filings with USTR
    • International trade proceedings including antidumping, subsidy, and trade enforcement proceedings
    • International Trade negotiations, work with the United States Trade Representatives, United States Department of Commerce, Department of Treasury and the United States International Trade Commission
    • International development financing
    • Non-profit regulations and rule-making

    Examples of projects represented:

    • Bond issuers
    • Manufacturers 
    • Retailers 



    Transportation and Infrastructure:

    • Project authorization and appropriations funding
    • Facilitate completion of environmental impact review
    • Secure regulatory exemptions for niche industries
    • Transit program funding for small-to-mid size operators
    • Water Infrastructure Financing Innovation Act (WIFIA) funding
    • Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) funding

    Examples of projects represented:

    • Projects of national and regional significance
    • International goods movement
    • Port development/expansion
    • Transit service
    • Freight rail improvements (multi-state)

    Health Care

    • Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement rates
    • Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) and low volume adjustment payments
    • FDA drug/product approvals

    Examples of projects represented:

    • Hospitals 
    • Pharmaceutical 

    Economic Development

    • Commercial and private development generating significant employment and economic impact to local governmental entities
    • Workforce development programs
    • Local-to-Federal land swaps
    • Identify and build political support behind EDA grant applications

    Examples of projects represented:

    • State and Local Governments 
    • Non-profit