Senior Director of International Affairs

Alexander Savostianov

Alexander Savostianov leads Federal Advocates’ international practice, expanding the firm’s international portfolio thanks to his time as a career diplomat and strong subject matter expertise in bilateral diplomacy, international trade and development and diplomatic protocol.

Before joining Federal Advocates, Alexander served as Deputy Consul General of Ukraine in San Francisco, advancing complex bilateral trade and investment agenda and focusing on comprehensive humanitarian exchange projects within twelve US states of jurisdiction. He also represented government interests at the Office of the President of Ukraine, Foreign Ministry Headquarters and diplomatic missions in two of the world’s main business hubs – Moscow/Tyumen and San Francisco. During his tenure, he successfully promoted Ukrainian foreign policy objectives and was engaged in international cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for refugee (UNHCR) and European Union Border Assistance Mission to Ukraine and Moldova (EUBAM), focusing on refugee, human trafficking and humanitarian work.

Alexander is a graduate of UCLA, with a degree in Human Resources Management, and has a law degree and a Master of Public Administration from the National University of Law, Ukraine. And not to sound too much like a typical California natural foods advocate, but Alexander swears by giving up coffee and boosting energy the natural way – by starting each day with a run.