Office Manager

Kenneth Sandoval

Kenneth serves as office manager of Federal Advocates’ Washington DC office, and leans on his experience in political campaigns and within the White House to manage and run the firm’s daily affairs.

Kenneth brings this mindset to the Federal Advocates office, managing technology, PTO, supplies, on-site support and anything else needed to provide the best service for the firm’s clients.

Kenneth comes to Federal Advocates with significant experience managing and directing the flow of work at the White House under President Obama and before that at the Democratic National Committee. At the White House he served as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Counsel to the President and his two principal deputies in the office of the White House Counsel. In a similar role at the DNC, Kenneth acted as an advisor to the Finance Chairman of the DNC. He managed the chairman’s relationships with donors and executed fundraisers with the President, First Lady, Vice President and Dr. Biden.